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Authentically You (Pt. 1)​

You matter!  In this personal message, Twanda’s goal is to help you become free from being the person you “should be” and empower you to become the person you truly are – your authentic self!

Authentically You! The Book

In this video, Twanda welcomes you into her private practice office and reveals the truth behind what inspired her to write her book, “Authentically YOU”. 


What have you done for yourself lately?  Twanda knows how often we forget to take care of ourselves and how often we put everything and everyone before our ownselves.  She diligently explains how to pour back into ourselves and how doing so is the key to being one’s authentic self. 

Authentically You (Pt. 2)​

In this personal message, Twanda hopes to encourage you to live your perfectly authentic life. It’s perfectly OK to be different. Embrace it!  Life is about balance. Work toward it!  Taking care of you is essential. You matter!


Mind your thoughts! You have to be intentional about your overall success. Having a healthy mind, body and soul gives you the power to live a limitless life of success and overall well-being.  Twanda explains to us how to get and maintain a “solution-focused” plan for our lives. 

Time to Declutter

Decluttering is a must for a peaceful existence.  In this video, Twanda talks about the necessity of decluttering and the positive impacts it has on your life. 

Mental Health in the
Black Community

Twanda opens up the concept of mental health in the community at large, especially in the black community.  In this video, Twanda explains her therapy model and approach to opening up this once hidden topic.  She effectively talks about how to avoid the stigma by looking at this area through new, fresh lenses and in a way that gives birth to a healthier relationship with one’s self and the community around them!

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